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Epson Lamp. Designed for Epson Projector Models: EB-G6050W, EB-G6250W, EB-G6350, EB-G6450WU, EB-G6550WU, EB-G6650WU, EB-G6800, EB-G6900WU, PowerLite Pro G6050W, PowerLite Pro G6150, PowerLite Pro G6450WU, PowerLite Pro G6550WU, PowerLite Pro G6750WU, PowerLite Pro G6800, PowerLite Pro G6900WU, H535A, PowerLite Pro G6050WNL, PowerLite Pro G6150NL, PowerLite Pro G6070W, PowerLite Pro G6070WNL, PowerLite Pro G6170, PowerLite Pro G6170NL, PowerLite Pro G6270W, PowerLite Pro G6270WNL, EB-G6970WU, EB-G6370, EB-G6070W, EB-G6170, EB-G6270W, EB-G6570WU, EB-G6770WU, EB-G6870, EB-G6150, PowerLite Pro G6970WU

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We work with all suppliers who sell lamps for major manufacturers. These lamps use the same projector bulb as supplied to the manufacturers and these projector lamps result in considerable savings for you as compared to OEM projector lamp bulbs

Contcat us with the projector model for the prices  !