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AXIS M1125 2MP Indoor Bullet IP Security Camera 0749-001

   The Axis M1125 is a day/night network camera with a 3~10mm varifocal lens. This camera will produce 1080p Full HD images at up to 30fps. Wide Dynamic Range and IR corrections give it day/night functionality. It will seamlessly transition into low-light modes to handle difficult lighting scenarios. Axis Zipstream technology will help reduce bandwidth and storage requirements.

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AXIS M1125-E 2MP Outdoor Bullet IP Security Camera 0750-001


AXIS M1125-E offers a professional and affordable fixed camera suitable for a wide range of video surveillance applications, such as for retail and banking as well as libraries and other office buildings. It can be used indoors, as well as in an outdoor housing.

The outdoor-ready camera provides IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated as well as IK10-rated protection. The camera can withstand a temperatures range of -20 °C to 50°C (-4 °F to 122 °F).

Included with AXIS M1125-E is AXIS T94Q01A Wall Mount.

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AXIS P1427-LE 5MP IR Outdoor Bullet IP Security Camera 0625-001

AXIS P1427-LE with varifocal, P-iris lens provides excellent image quality at 12 frames per second in 5 megapixel resolution. The P-iris control provides optimal depth of field, resolution, image contrast and clarity. The cost-effective, compactly designed camera offers multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG streams that can be individually optimized for bandwidth and storage efficiency.

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AXIS P1428-E Ultra HD 4K 8MP Outdoor Bullet IP Security Camera 0637-001 - 30fps at 4K

   AXIS P1428-LE offers Axis OptimizedIR, a power-efficient LED technology that provides an adaptable angle of IR illumination and discreet integration of IR LEDs, the cameras provide automatic illumination of a scene in complete darkness, at an event or when requested by a user. The IR LED illumination, which is invisible to the human eye, is perfect for discovering objects in a range of up to 15 meters (50 ft

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AXIS P3225-LVE 2MP Outdoor IP Security Camera 0760-001

  AXIS P3225-LVE is an outdoor-ready, streamlined fixed dome providing HDTV 1080p video quality. It features a varifocal lens and remote zoom and focus, which eliminates the need for hands-on fine tuning. The day and night functionality, together with OptimizedIR and P-Iris control, ensure superb image quality in any lighting conditions. AXIS' built-in IR solution, OptimizedIR, automatically adapts to the zoom level set at installation, ensuring an evenly illuminated image. WDR - Forensic Capture increases forensic usability by highlighting details in both dark and well lit areas. Zipstream lowers bandwidth and storage requirements. AXIS P3225-LVE is IK10-rated, making it resistant to vandalism.

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AXIS P3905-RE 1080P HDTV Rugged Compact Dome IP Security Camera

AXIS P3905-RE has support for HDTV 1080p. The camera is specially adapted to respond quickly to changes in light levels, ensuring that high image quality is maintained. Traffic Light mode helps to better distinguish colors of traffic lights in very dark scenes. The use of progressive scan also produces clearer images of moving objects. The pixel counter helps verify that the pixel resolution of an object or face meets regulatory or specific customer requirements. 

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AXIS P8535 Eye-Level Height Strip IP Security Camera 0711-001


The height strip housing comes in black or silver with a metric or imperial height indicator. The sensor unit is mounted at a height of 170 cm in the metric model and 5.5 ft. in the imperial version as measured from the ground up. AXIS P8535 offers a wide 92° horizontal field of view. The sensor unit can be adjusted ±15° to set the desired viewing direction.

This product comes in separate units that include the Axis F1025 Sensor Unit (pinhole camera) and the Axis F41 Main Unit.

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AXIS Q1765-LE 2MP IR Outdoor Bullet IP Security Camera 0509-001 - 18x optical zoom, Corridor View

   AXIS Q1765-LE Network Camera is an outdoor-ready network camera with 18x optical zoom and auto-focus. It delivers SMPTE-compliant HDTV 1080p video in multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams. The built-in IR illumination is provided by four auto adjusting LEDs that are highly power-efficient. AXIS Q1765-LE can cover great distances providing both wide overviews as well as detailed images for identification purposes. In addition, corridor format allows for effective monitoring with more resolution in vertical scenes such as long streets or long perimeters.

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Axis Q8722-E 60mm Dual PTZ Network Thermal Camera - 60mm Lens, Thermal Imaging, 360-degree Pan, Weatherproof

              The Axis Q8722-E-60mm is a dual PTZ network camera with 360° pan. This camera uses thermal imaging for extremely high detection accuracy. Instead of using ordinary visuals, thermal imaging can very easily capture any object or person moving through the area, including in shadows or other similarly dark areas. The 60mm varifocal lens comes with 10x optical zoom, recording at 25/30fps, and using a 12x digital zoom for post-capture reviewing.

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AXIS XP40-Q1765 2MP Explosion-Protected Bullet PTZ IP Security Camera 0836-051 - 18x Optical Zoom

XP40-Q1765 Explosion-Protected Network Camera comprises different variants, certified for hazardous areas according to different regulations valid in different countries. Depending on the variants, the camera features may differ. For instance the UL certified models, XP40-Q1765 -50 C UL and XP40-Q1765 -50 C 110 V UL, offer two 3/4" NPT conduit entries, while XP40-Q1765 and XP40-Q1765 -60 C models offer one M25 conduit entry. The UL certified models are available with either 24 V AC or 110 V AC power input. For more information, check the product specific datasheet